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Kona Paradise Retreat Center

Come for a spiritual retreat at our center. We’ll give you guidance or you can do your own spiritual retreat using our facility.


We have two separate bedrooms available, each with their own small kitchenette, and one bath for the two bedrooms to share. One or two people can stay in each bedroom, or one or two people can use both bedrooms for an increased price. Sometimes we will have two separate people or couples staying in each bedroom, and sharing the bath. In this case the price for each bedroom will be lower.



1 bedroom, private entrance, kitchenette, hot tub, shared bath
$500/week 1 person, $600/week 2 persons;
Included with each stay is one free session of your choice.

Available Sessions

Touch Your Angel

Learn how to get in touch with and receive guidance from your guardian angel or angels in the hopes of helping you in your daily life to connect and be lead by your higher self, your soul, and your life mission.

Spiritual Readings

Archangel Gabriel, Tarot, I Ching, or runes available. All with the goal to see more clearly the road ahead, solve problems in your life, obtain advice on your relationships or your career. Additionally we offer Meditation in Daily Life, or Conscious Living.

Living Meditation

Here we introduce Vipassana meditation and then show you how to practice it all day long. We call it “Living Meditation” and it includes”meditation in action” talking meditation,”emotional self knowledge and clearing, understanding the mind and Heart Speak which is our own version of how to express needs to each other without manipulating or controlling one another.

Spiritual Partnership Retreat

Our”Spiritual Partnership” retreat is our version of marriage counseling. This retreat does not focus on the problems that we all experience in partnering, It focuses on the daily tools and practices including what we call Heart Speak, to help you deal with the inevitable events and roadblocks that comes with partnering.

Crossroads Retreat

Our “Crossroads” retreat  helps you to make wise choices to keep you on the path of enlightenment, crossroads deals with  events or times in your life where change is demanded; for example your Saturnian cycle, moving, birth, death, sickness, we help you to get “the lesson” and move on.

Accelerated Enlightenment (Self Transformation Retreat)

We also offer a “Self Transformation Retreat” or otherwise known “Accelerated Enlightenment”. This is a minimum two week retreat where we’ll help you to explore current obstacles to your happiness or Focus on self realization, or just expand your awareness and insight and self-discovery, or “Knowing Thyself” better or Learning what runs you. If you would like more extensive help,  In the self transformation program we can provide more counseling than just you’re one free reading or session.  In exchange we would ask that You can help us to run our center, i.e. water plants or cook or care for animals or endless cleaning:), or crowd funding, or promotion of the center or whatever your talents maybe.

Introduction to the I Ching

Conscious Cookery

The place comes with a great view of the Kona Coast from your own lanai, (and an even greater view of your life and the way to freedom) bathroom, kitchenette, private entrance, and hot tub. Call Len 808-328-7777 for reservations.

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